How do I fill a word with a pattern?

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How do I fill a word with a pattern?

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First off: Can I do it with any font? Or just the kind that has spaces in the letters?

Second: Do I need the pattern to be big enough to fill the entire word/letter? Or can I somehow "stretch" the pattern to fill the letter/word?

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Hi Mushroom
Only the fonts TrueType and OpenType compatible TrueType are able to be used wiht PF and PFS.
Try it with the both modes, so you do your self opinion. :wink:
- You can use a pattern in the text module at the second page
- you can use the button Transform in selection at bottom of the first page, and right clic in the selection : Outline and filling and you can select a pattern either to outline, or to fill the letters, either both.
The size of the pattern is indifferent.
Enjoy with trying it. :wink:

Re: How do I fill a word with a pattern?

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I use a work around
first for ease of viewing, my opening screen is black

I create my own patterns or use the default ones

I go to the text screen

select a text and usually use about 24 or 36 size

I type something
then go to effects page
I select a fill pattern and the text is filled
I merge all layers
then go to any part of the black screen, select the magic wand, select invert, copy the text and paste as a new image
then its ready to use on any new image
Hope this works for you