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I'm taking on Production responsibilities on some books I'm involved in publishing.

I have limited knowledge of Photoshop and PhotoFiltre, but want to work with both.

I've so far cropped my pages (created borders) and sized them correctly (width and length). I want to be able to lay my pages on Templates provided by, so I can be sure my art is within the margins they should be, ect.

How on Photoshop and Photofiltre do I make my pages transparent, so I can lay them over the templates?

Any other tips for this process would be appreciated,


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Re: Photoshop/PhotoFiltre

Message par Antonio »

PhotoFiltre don't works with page but with image. To have an transparent image you must use a transparent format that support transparency (PNG or GIF for example). You can search on the web how to create PNG with transperency, i think there are lot of tutorials for this :wink: