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A Question for the Author

Message par LUTi »

This program seems to be quite nice. What bothers me is a statement about usage - that a commercial and professional use is not authorized.

What precisely does it mean? I am self-employed and have the same PC for my business (doing something totally different and would maybe need such program once per year, if at all...) as for my private needs (here I would probably take some time to play with pictures I've taken).

So, what am I considered as? Legally speaking, the program would be on a computer intended for commercial / professional use (for my business). Practically speaking, it is almost of no use for what I am doing professionally and I would use it for my absolutely private needs, if at all (I don't plan to install it as long as the statement is as it is!).

I'd ask the author to explain this a bit, and maybe it would be good to make licensing conditions more precise (what is considered a professional or commercial use, since a lot of programs doesn't treat a usage in professional / business environment as such a use, as long as you are not directly making money with it).


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Message par Antonio »

In this case, you can use PhotoFiltre, for me, it's a "private" use, not really a commercial use