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shareware n freeware

Message par elixelle »

when the shareware version comes out, will there still be upgrades and additional plug-ins and stuf like that for the freeware version?!? it's a great software but it will be a waste if the upgrading stops ere... thanks!!
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Message par Bill »

it's a great software but it will be a waste if the upgrading stops ere... thanks

Let me get this straight. You love the program. You are doing some wonderful things with it. It was FREE.

Can you explain to me how something that is free, does a great job, introduces people that may not have the money for more expensive programs at the moment to the wonderful world of digital graphics and photo touch-up is a waste? :roll:

Now consider the time spent developing the program, the numerous updates and bug fixes, the money spent having a web site to offer the free program as well as tutorials for you to learn for free how to use the free program.

Can I ask you how you would feel if you were the developer when some one makes a comment as ridiculous as you just did?
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Message par FrançoisL »

Of course upgrade will still be released of PF freeware and of PF Studio. If you buy the Studio, you can get the Studio updates for free.