Change a color on a photo

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Change a color on a photo

Message par troeder »

I am new to this but spent several hours trying to figure out without success.

I have a photo of a bus with a brown paint job (with associated shadowing, etc.)
I want to change just the brown parts to yellow so it still looks like a photo with the shadows, curves, etc.

I would greatly appreciate some clues on how to do this easily.
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Inscription : 02 févr. 2005 9:35

Re: Change a color on a photo

Message par Tom »

troeder a écrit :.../... how to do this easily.
You may use menu Adjust/Replace color range but you need to help this tool :
- Select with the Lasso tool the areas you want to change the color and right clic / Duplicate.
- On this new layer apply the "Replace color range" function
- Continue with Color balance or Adjust/Custom
- Refine the edges of your layer with the Erase tool or a new selection of the edges by Ctrl+Maj+A and Edit/Optimized clipping
with the Progressive contour option.

An other way with the layers : open a new transparent layer and in the "Layer manager tool" replace Normal by Color in the Blend Mode area.
Nothing happends : OK . Then choose a paintbrush tool and the color you wish to apply and paint.
You can combine other layers with other Blend mode, or use Adjust / custom to refine the hue saturation and gamma.