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Message par John »

I've dowloaded xnview in order to see .eps files. I have unziped xnview in Photofiltre plugins folder. I also downloaded Xnviewdll wich I unziped in Windows system folder. When I go to file/import/xnview, I click on the .eps file I want to open and I get a error message saying: file cannot be open, file type unknown.

Is there a way to fix that

Thank you
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Message par Bill »

XnView will not recognize eps on it's own. In order for Xnview to work with eps and ai formats you also need GhostScript installed on your computer. Once installed XnView recognizes it is installed and works hand in hand with GhostScript. You can download GhostScript Here:

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Message par FrançoisL »

I think he was talking about the XnView plugin for PF...
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Message par Benjamin »

I think it can be the same for the plugin too...