Error extracting thumbnails from jpeg file

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Error extracting thumbnails from jpeg file

Message par SantosConnell »

I am looking to extract thumbnail images from JPEG files without relying on external libraries. It seems like a manageable task since all I need to do is determine the starting and ending points of the thumbnail within the file and extract it accordingly.

I have been studying various documentation, including the one available at ... /exif.html, and attempting to analyze JPEG files. However, I must admit that not everything is clear to me. I have tried to follow the byte sequence step by step, but as I delve deeper, I find myself becoming more confused.

Is there any reliable documentation or easily understandable source code that can guide me in extracting the necessary information about the thumbnail's position within a JPEG file?
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Re: Error extracting thumbnails from jpeg file

Message par Antonio »

This is a forum about photofiltre, not about development :wink:
Extracting exif data is not easy because it is not necessarily standard. I advise you to do some research on the dExif library (in C and open source) because it was the absolute reference. I don't know if it is still maintained but there must be sites on the net with docs