Two questions about PhotoFiltre v11.5.0 - appearance and installation path of the program

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Version de PhotoFiltre : 11
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Two questions about PhotoFiltre v11.5.0 - appearance and installation path of the program

Message par User1994 »

Hello, I have two questions about PhotoFiltre v11.5.0 regarding appearance and installation path of the program.


1. Can you make it possible to set the same appearance for the new PhotoFiltre v11.5.0 as in PhotoFiltre v10.14.1?

I've learned a lot about it and I don't like any new style/look from the new 64-bit version as much as the good one from version v10.14.1.

All the colors and appearance in v11.5.0 seem either too light or too dark to me.

This is exactly the look and colors of the program:

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How to make the appearance identical in the new 64bit version?

Can you add a new "old v10 photofiltre style" in the next update?

2. When installing the version to the default location, i.e. C:\PhotoFiltre11, when entering the program settings and its appearance/skin, when I restart the photofiltre program, I see changes in colors and appearance.

But when I install the program in the location C:\Program Files\PhotoFiltre11, when I change the appearance and skin to a different one, I do not see any changes the next time I run photofilter.

There is an error related to saving and showing changes in the program's appearance after restarting photofilter when it is installed in the location C:\Program Files\PhotoFiltre11

Can you check why this is happening and whether it is possible to fix it and make the program work properly also in the location C:\Program Files\PhotoFiltre11?
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Re: Two questions about PhotoFiltre v11.5.0 - appearance and installation path of the program

Message par Antonio »

1) No i don't want the same skin for pf 10 & 11 because it's 2 different programs, not just an evolution. Did you ask Microsoft to put the same skin as Windows 7 in Windows 10 or 11 ? :wink:

2) here is what you can read on the dowload page link :
The setup proposes to install by default in the [C: \ PhotoFiltre11] folder because the [Program Files] folder is often blocked by Windows 10 & 11 (administrator rights) which prevents the execution of the PFTwain and PhotoBridge modules.
This is the same for the ini file. Windows looks the ini file in [Program Files] folder and the skin is saved in the ini files like all sttings.
To activate a change you should run in admin mode (not a PhotoFiltre bug it's a Windows constraint)