thumbnailimage (IDF EXIF) not updated?

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thumbnailimage (IDF EXIF) not updated?

Message par DutchPeer63 »

May have passed before, but could not find what I was looking for. When I save multiple versions (being slightly different in color or luminoscity) of an image (JPG) which I do for creating backgrounds in photo-albums, it looks like the IDF information of only the original image is saved each time. I use XnView MP for the overview and I see only the same (original) thumbnail for each picture. Running ExifTool removethumbnail then finally does the trick it seems.

Is the thumbnail-information updated on saving the image? It also acts like this when cropping images. Just trying to find out what to do to make the thumbnails reflect the right content.

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Inscription : 28 oct. 2003 22:49

Re: thumbnailimage (IDF EXIF) not updated?

Message par Antonio »

no, photofiltre don't change original thumbnail, only some Exif/ITCP