Photofiltre X .pfi file opening error "Erreur de lecture du

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Photofiltre X .pfi file opening error "Erreur de lecture du

Message par nileiki »

Hello everyone. I was working on .pfi file in Photofiltre X (ver.10.8.1) and after a certain point I tried to reopen the file and now an error pops up saying "Erreur de lecture du flux". From what i understood from some google searching is that the file got too big/complex and now Photofiltre is not able to open it anymore? Is there a way to open or recover it in some way (maybe in another software)? It a was an image file with 200+ layers in which i put a lot of work into and it would be a shame if I lost everything : /
Thank you in advance!
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Re: Photofiltre X .pfi file opening error "Erreur de lecture

Message par Antonio »

not possinle if the file is corrupted :cry:
try to open with the v6, this version open only merged version with no layers.
With lot of layers you must use the v11 because it supports huge memory (big image and lot of layers)