Automatically save as a png without dialog?

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Automatically save as a png without dialog?

Message par mleiki »

I have a client I work with every month, and basically make a person where you can get different variations of hair/glasses/etc. My issue is, I can't just send her all the layers and have her save her own combinations. I have to save every single different skin/hair/accessory combination for her. Which results in me saving 432 individual files each month. I didn't think it would be a huge deal, but I'm on month three AND I AM SO OVER THIS.

I'm basically

change layers to whatever combination I'm saving -> ctrl+shift+s -> change from psd to png -> file name -> save compression -> repeat x 431 more times

Does anyone know of anyway I can make it so when I ctrl+shift+s , it's already trying to save as a png so I can just put the file name in and move on to the next without all the changing?

Or any ideas on how to make this any faster. :( Thanks guys!
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Re: Automatically save as a png without dialog?

Message par Antonio »

only with the version 11: Menu Tools > Preferences > File > save with default options