cutting and pasting / transparency pasting / distort tool

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cutting and pasting / transparency pasting / distort tool

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I have been used to, I suppose an older version of Photo Filtre. Using Photo Fltre X seems to have added many more operations to accomplish what used to take very few steps.
1 - When I try to cut and paste, the new program entertains layers that have to be validated, then if you want to move the pasted object, you have to work with the layers to paste as a new picture. The older version I could cut and paste in two operations versus 5+ operations with the X version.
2 - The smudge tool has become a small circle rather than utilizing the pointer on the older version. The pointer was much easier to use.
3 - When I try to change the actual picture using the distortion tool, it takes 3 to 4 different operations that are hit and miss with The X version. On the older version, I was able to select a portion of the picture and then using the pointer, I could change the distortion horizontally and vertically at will in one step satisfactorily. It is near impossible to accomplish using the X version.

I have only used the X version for a short period to see that I may not be able to use the X Version to accomplish all that I could with the older version.
Hoping for suggestions. I had used the older version on an Windows XP O.S.. Some of the problems may be because I am using Windows 10 x86 / 64b
Thanks for any help
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Re: cutting and pasting / transparency pasting / distort too

Message par Antonio »

Of course if you don't need to work with layers use the old version, I left it for that. The version Studio is for those who need to work with layers (web creation, dynamic texts, ...) and who need to save their work, and in this case you are forced to use the version with layers.

For the simplicity, I don't really agree, we go so fast with the studio version. For example to
resize/deform the past, just right click on the pasted layer and select Redim/Deform, it's not 3 or 4 operations, only one :wink: