How: Fading an image out to transparent?

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How: Fading an image out to transparent?

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How would I fade an edge of an image out to transparent? What I'm trying to do is have a picture on a coloured (beige) background that at the bottom fades away gradually with the beige background colour beginning to show through until finally, there is no image at all.


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Re: How: Fading an image out to transparent?

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can you show a sample ?

I think he better is to use the menu Layer > Transparency > Progressive contour or Gradient
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Re: How: Fading an image out to transparent?

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I figured out how to do this, I had to go to filter, photomask then make my own gif mask that is gradient from black to white. Go to mask under filter, copy the destination where the masks is, then you copy one of the masks that is in the folder and paste it. Now you open that mask you just copy pasted, use the gradient tool (the blue fading to white icon right beside the "Mirror", upside down, and flip 90 degrees settings. Make a picture thats white to black using that gradient tool, then save it. Now that black to white fade mask should be saved in your masks folder. Then open photomask/mask again, click on the mask you just made, change "color model" or whatever its called to "transparent", the density to 100%, and change the setting under "blurry" and "duotone", click on "middle" or "mid place" or whatever its called... (im directly translating this from norwegian), make sure its not on side by side. Now when you click okay you should have a picture that fades into transparent.