How to remove tattoo?

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How to remove tattoo?

Message par dasadler »

I have a photo and the person has a tattoo. How can I remove this or cover it so it is not visible? I used the eyedropper to capture the skin color around the tattoo and tried the spray paint but nothing happened. There was no change to the image.
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Re: How to remove tattoo?

Message par Tom »

Didi you tried the spray tool on a white new page, to improve the differents parameters. ?
Verify too that you have not check Progressive contour for the type of antialiasing in the selections.
Indeed you have also to work on a "RVB color" image, Look at Image / Mode to verifiy and/or change.

Usualy, for this type of work, the better way is to duplicate a zone with the stamp clone tool,
but it needs a little practice to get a fine result.