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Red filter

Message par JR2000 »


I have been diving in egypte and made some nice pictures under water.
I had no time to sell a red filter for my camera so my question now is it possible to apply a red filter in PhotoFiltre to
get ride of the blue glow over my photo's and get the colors back alive....


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Inscription : 02 févr. 2005 9:35

Re: Red filter

Message par Tom »

Hi GDamen,

without an example it's difficult to choose the right way, but different tools are generaly usefull for this kind of color correction :
- at first a white balance filter. You have the choice between 2 plugins to download from the official web site of PhotoFiltre.
- then in the menu Filter/Color/Colored layer you can check the Invert box and select the color to ride of with the pipette tool
when the mouse cursor is out of the Colored layer window, on the active image. This process can get some very good result,
but is a little sensitive to manage. You can also click on the triangle of the color box and in "Other colors" choose one of the
color to remove or the opposite color of that you wish.
- in the menu Adjust, you can try also "Replace color range"
- Have a look too at the menu Adjust / Color balance and Hue/Saturation
Sometimes you can also need to protect some area of a treatment by a selection, inverted or not.