I can't use text effects?

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I can't use text effects?

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Hello! I just downloaded Version X 10.3.2 .. Everything was working fine, until i started to add a text. Is the trial limited to using text effects? Cause all the effects were disabled when i tried to click on them (filters, adjust, etc) :?:
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Re: I can't use text effects?

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as for any applications running on Windows operating system, the menu ? offers a Informations sub menu or key F1

and at the first place is this advertising :
Availability of filters and menus

The filters in certain menus are available only in 16 million colors without the transparency option
because most of them recompute and modify the colors. For example, they are disabled for GIF
images and images in indexed colors mode. If you do not have access to these menu item filters,
perform the following operations:

• Select the menu item "Image / Transparent color" (in situation of an image with a transparent color)
then click on the option "Disable transparency"
• Select the menu item "Image / Mode / RGB color"
and you can read more about the Studio release, in the same place you have posted :