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Ĉu vi opinias vi trovis malbonadĵon ? Ĉu vi havas sugeston por modifi PhotoFiltre ?

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I welcome you, for a long time wished to tell thanks and my respect to developers! :clap:
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Hello Heis Spiter, Tom, hello everybody

another German PhotoFiltre Forum, as I already mentioned on an other place on your forum some months ago: together with its homepage PhotoFiltre By the moment we only do the support in German language.

Our forum is open for everybody to read there only for writing we ask the free registration with an e-mail.

So If somebody needs to get some support in German, you are welcome, we can answer your questions in English too :)

A few tutorials can also be found on my website: "Anleitung zur Bildbearbeitung mit PhotoFiltre"

Please note, that my website has changed its URL from to