For beginner in German / Einführung auf Deutsch => PF6

You need help to start ? Or to use a plugin ? Use the tutorials ! / Ĉu vi bezonas helpon por starti ? Aŭ por uzi etendadon ? Usu la Didaktikojn !

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For beginner in German / Einführung auf Deutsch => PF6

Message par ThGaier »

I have written a tutorial for Photofiltre freeware version.
It is in German and designed for 14 to 15 year old pupils.

Here is the link:

[Tom] Photofiltre als Einstieg in die Bildbearbeitung : [/Tom]

I would appreciate any feedback.

Thank you,
Th. Gaier
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Message par Tom »

Hi ThGaier, and congratulations
i'm not a good reader in German but your tuto seams very clear.
I think it is designed for beginners, any age they could have.
Fine and thanks for them.
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Re: For beginner in German / Einführung auf Deutsch => PF6

Message par Shadowdance »

Hello Thomas, hello Tom, hello everybody

I don't know if you are still reading here, Thomas.
Sorry to the moderators that I answer to a 2 years old poll :oops:

I found your pdf documentation on the Internet and downloaded it some days before. Now, I want to refer to your documentation in my tutorial and tried to find the author and the web URL, that's the way to come back here into your old poll.

I am writing a German Tutorial about the actual version of PhotoFiltre. I posted in another poll on this forum yesterday about it.

You can help me, if you have some time... :D
Tell me what's wrong and what I can do better:

Anleitung zur Bildbearbeitung mit PhotoFiltre.

Well, in the case, you don't read here anymore, I will try to contact you via eMail.