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Hope development continues

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I would like to share my experience with Studio trial

I found PhotoFiltre while checking for photo editor reviews. I get bored of bloated PS. It's damaging my system integrity with heavy install on file system and registry. I need every ghz of CPU, don't want to waste :)

What I was looking for;
* Editor with a "fast" render and work. And PF studio is lightening fast, actually the "best" I saw.
* Editor with support on "Lanczos" algorithm. Get bored of PS's bicubic which kills the quality
* Editor without bloat in software + saved images. And yes, I even don't need to compress PF studio's saved images. Producing best size and quality possible. Especially in PNG !!!
* Simple fast and practical use. And PF studio also satisfied in highest limits.
* Small in size and doesn't disturb my registry. PF is in best 2.

In summary, I nearly fall in love with PF studio. But some missing points made me upset. I seriously want to start using soon. Especially in these days adobe start to force on cloud services.

But, what I saw as missing are;
1- Deformations and white contours in the edges of images. (in resize operations)
2- No tab grouping. Seriously hard to use. Problem in more than 15 - 20 tabs.
3- No text deformations (like making them circular etc)
4- No text margins (space between letters or lines)
5- Shadows doesn't stick on edges, gives space between image and it's shadow.
6- Using RAM efficient in big canvas like 10.000 x 10.000 px. Since I don't use page (swap) file, it crashes instead of using plenty (and empty) ram.

Actually the critical ones for me is 1, 2 and 3. But num 6 is also important.
PF studio is seriously amazing software. And I believe it doesn't need to add many bloated features. But I believe that some important needs.

I hope development continue. I'm on watch.