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You need help to start ? Or to use a plugin ? Use the tutorials ! / Ĉu vi bezonas helpon por starti ? Aŭ por uzi etendadon ? Usu la Didaktikojn !

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Re: I'm Sorry I don't speak French

Message par wildthing423 »

There are alot of english speaking people here. Perhaps , like me they could not find their way to an english sub-forum.

I see that there are not many English speaking visitors to this site but I will keep posting tutorials anyway in hope that it will introduce PhotoFiltre to more people.

Antonio has provided a great program for all to use this is the least I can do to repay him.[/quote]
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English Tutorials

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I would love English tutorials! I'm searching and searching for as many as I can find, and I'm not coming up with very many at all. :(

I will keep coming back here in hopes you or other members will have posted some.

I am just learning the software, and I think it's awesome!

Thank you!
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Did you had allready a look over here:
and go to ->English -> Tutorials.

carlo taradel
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there are also good tutorial in english and other languages in the tut board of this forum

The problem is how to find them among the french ones (is not allways clear from the title)'s a sort of treaure hunt

BTW on BILL site there is several good tut
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Message par Tom »

Hi Carlo,

Yet is a new forum. I start to fill and manage it.
Thanks a lot to Heis.